About us

Just like you, we like to enjoy food and pamper our senses with different flavors
and cuisines. Often, in our dynamic everyday routines, we resort to the fast foods as an
appetizing but not so good for the health option. A mix of harmful fats and preservatives,
these calorie bombs easily fall into the graph of allowed once a week, if not a month, pleasures.

In search of an alternative, we decided to combine what we have 20 years’ experience in with
that, which is not only healthy, tasty and accessible, but what is also an emblem of our
sea capital – fish! This is how Ribu Ribu was created – a healthy fast food restaurant
that will not provoke your guilty conscious but on the contrary – will satisfy
your nutrition needs in the most clean and natural way!

Ribu Ribu’s menu is a colourful pallet of fresh fish salads, a rich
variety of fish sandwiches, combined with carefully selected sauces, soups
and other tasty surprises! Every tiny piece of our process, from the selection
of nutritional ingredients to the materials used for packaging, is
synchronized with the concept of healthier consumers and a cleaner planet.

Рибни ястия от Рибурибу